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pladpuss's Journal


HI, My name is Beth awkward is my game, and I live half the time in my imagination. I live for art which possibly has driven me mad (who knows). But don't worry I'm friendly ;P I promise!
This journal is just plain for whatever I want to put here...sometimes I go ballistic and you can enjoy some incoherent complaining and bashing most of the time its just to clean out the apprehension broiling in my system. I post graphics I make as well so feel free to take but credit please. No one likes their stuff being jacked!. My graphics all get posted in my new community kelpinated! Please visit :)
Little Monsters annoy me, korean,japanese, and taiwanese/chinese media is love ! <3 Language is beautiful and vulgar at times and north American children's reading and speaking skills are going to shit no joke. Staying up late is often and a problem...I've probably shortened my life by 30 years haha.... :/ I'm going to stop typing now...(OH OH there are some links below click them :D)

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