Friends Only
ivy; whine up

           My Journal is friends only!
                         Introduce yourself, say hi and add me :-) I don't bite 
       I also make graphics so you may have some goodies coming your way :P
              All my graphics are posted to my lj community now! kelpinated 

                                                          - Beth.


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Hi there, thank you for commenting! Yep, I like the best fiction community, heard about it on AHS so I joined. :D I've added you too. :)

no problem :)
I found it because I had cloud_honey added in my friend list :D
thanks! added you back n_n

Hello, would you be my friend?

Hi there! I sure would nice to meet you, I'm Beth :)

Nice to meet you too, I'm Kamie

Thats a lovely name! :)

(Deleted comment)
Sure thing! Nice to meet you :)

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